Welcome to my author website. I’m querying my debut traditional mystery, Curtains for the Corpse, a 2019 Mainstream Mystery Daphne Finalist.

An imposter posting as an economics professor coerces Jericho College students into his escort service.

In Curtains for the Corpse, an 85,000-word traditional mystery, Lizzie Christopher uncovers a plot to silence the professor’s two whistleblowers, a college student, Dee Atkinson, who has disappeared, and Dee’s friend Joe Pye, an itinerant artist, whom Lizzie finds dead.

As Lizzie pinpoints the true identity of the professor, she realizes that his daughter is the
ringleader of the gang assaulting local high school students.

With imposter professor and his vile daughter on the run, Lizzie is determined to find them, realizing that her daughter and the other young women in Jericho will never be safe until they are stopped.