Cooked to Death Vol. 4: Cold Cut Files

Tales of crime and cookery.

Includes my short story, "Double Crust Corpse."

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Half the fun of reading these stories is trying to guess how food will be used to commit the crime (usually murder). This collection comes up with some innovative techniques such as nicotine-laced cookies, arsenic in the potato salad, and a cheapskate husband who plucked poison wild mushrooms from a dumpster to bring home to be used in a recipe instead of portabellos.

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COOKED TO DEATH is an enjoyable collection of stories. Each story is short enough to be read while waiting for an appointment or other commitment, features some sort of death or crime, and includes an accompanying recipe or two. Perfect for those in search of some light, fun, quick reads.

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Additional Book Details

Author: Rhonda Gilliland

Series: Cooked to Death

Genre: Mystery Anthologies

Publisher: Obscura Productions

Publication Date: March 14, 2019