Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

A recipe for disaster: take one total solar eclipse, add two dozen spine-chilling mysteries, and shake the reader until the world ends in Day of the Dark!

Includes my short story, "Baby Killer."

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This anthology of 24 mysteries offers a mix of settings, themes and characters, all of them linked to the solar eclipse. I enjoyed every minute of the book, and kept reading long after “lights out”.

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Published in conjunction with the 2017 solar eclipse, which was visible over much of the United States, “Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse” serves up compelling stories of love and loss, jealousy and hatred, fear and reconciliation, as people in many times and places respond to the drama of a celestial event.

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Thoroughly enjoyable and eclectic short story collection - treat yourself. Mystery, romance, political satire, and fantasy - it's all here and all linked to the eclipse. do yourself a favor and buy a copy.

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Additional Book Details

Author: Kaye George

Genre: Mystery Anthologies

Publisher: Wildside Press

Publication Date: July 11, 2017