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I’m a prolific writer of short stories. Throughout the years, my stories have seen a number of formats—ranging from blog posts to magazines to compilations. You’ll find links to many of them below.

Short Stories in Mystery Compilations

  • Malice, Matrimony, and Murder: A Limited-Edition Collection of 25 Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Stories

    Malice, Matrimony, and Murder: A Limited-Edition Collection of 25 Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Stories

    Includes my short stort, “Til Death Do Us Part.”

    Everyone loves a good wedding—and a good mystery. Combine the two and what do you get? Malice, Matrimony, and Murder!

    Over two dozen authors have teamed up to offer you this wedding-themed collection of brand-new cozy mystery and cozy crime fiction stories that will keep you wondering whodunit and what’s next from the first page to the last. Between bad bridesmaids, conniving caterers, greedy guests, ill-mannered in-laws, savvy sleuths, and vengeful villains, this anthology has it all! All of the stories are clean and fun, with a general feel-good tone. If you read to be entertained, surprised, and uplifted, then this collection is for you!

    Even better, YOU get to be an armchair sleuth! The anthology as a whole contains an overarching wedding whodunit woven throughout. As you’re reading, collect the clues, identify whodunit, and access a special ebook filled with bonuses and extras. Inside you’ll find recipes, character interviews, bonus stories, and more!

    If you’re drawn to shorter mysteries that are light on gore and language, and high on humor, entertainment, and happy endings, then you don’t want to miss out on Malice, Matrimony, and Murder. But this collection is only available for a limited-time, so grab it now before it’s gone forever!

    Authors include Joslyn Chase, Charlotte Morganti, P.M. Raymond, Paige Sleuth, Teresa Inge, Sally Milliken, Rebecca Olmstead, Nikki Knight, Shari Held, Barbara Howard, Ashley-Ruth M. Bernier, KD Sherrinford, Stephen D. Rogers, Elaine Togneri, Lynn Hesse, Margaret S. Hamilton, Stella Oni, Robert Petyo, Pamela Kyel, Karen McCullough, Wil A. Emerson, Jack Bates, J. Aquino, Sharyn Kolberg, and Becky Clark.

  • Put Out the Lights and Cry: A Diner Noir Anthology

    Put Out the Lights and Cry: A Diner Noir Anthology

    Includes my short story, “Pickup At The Main Street Diner.”

    From the greasy spoon to the gourmet sit-in, these stories show why diners aren’t family friendly. Diners are the place where heists are plotted, bodies get dumped behind, and police are tipped off. These eateries host every crime from domestic disputes and drug deals to premeditated murder and mob mutiny. It’s all fluorescent-lit, fly-riddled entertainment to the drunk, recovering, or wish-they-were.

    Whether the characters are the cooks, criminals, customers, or somewhere in-between, these short works pack a gut punch on par with the saltiest, soggiest Grand Slam breakfast special. There’re breakups and bruises, gambling rackets and gang warfare, butchering and familial dismemberment—even schmoes tapping into a parallel universe or two. No matter who enters or at what time, wet, weary eyes always seem to find a steaming cup of joe to cloud-gaze in—and cry.

    Forewords by Nevada McPherson and Manny Torres

    Short stories by LG Thomson, Stephen J. Golds, Jhon Sanchez, Paige Johnson, Michael J. Riser, Nolan Knight, David Simmons, Liv Strom, Jon Gingerich, Nathan Pettigrew, Dino Parenti, Jesse Bethea, Joseph S. Walker, Gordon Dunleavy, Karen Keeley, Meredith C. Kurz, Jim Thomsen, Margaret S. Hamilton, and Wil Dalton.

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  • Masthead: Best New England Crime Stories

    Masthead: Best New England Crime Stories

    Includes my short story “Black Market Baby.”

    Included are stories from seasoned authors and brand new voices in the genre, with stories as varied and unique as the region they represent. Included in this collection is the Al Blanchard Award Winning Story “The Wonderworker” by Mary Dutta.

    Stories by Shannon Brady – Marlin Bressi – Chris Chan – John Clark – Bruce Robert Coffin – Sharon Love Cook – Tina deBellegarde – Brendan DuBois – Patricia Dusenbury – Mary Dutta – Gerald Elias – John M. Floyd – Debra H. Goldstein – Judith Green – Maurissa Guibord – Margaret S. Hamilton – Steve Liskow – Michael Allan Mallory – Jason Marchi – Ruth McCarty – Adam Meyer – Jen Collins Moore – Lorraine Sharma Nelson – Erica Obey – Alan Orloff – Olive Polack – Tonya Price – Michele Bazan Reed – Pat Remick – Harriette Sackler – Lida Sideris – Shawn Reilly Simmons – Clea Simon – M.J. Soni – Toby Soriero – Cathi Stoler – Anne Marie Sutton – Larry Tyler – Bev Vincent – Cathy Wiley

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  • Cozy Villages of Death

    Cozy Villages of Death

    Includes my short story, “Dealing at the Dump.”

    Deception awaits around the next curve in the road. Rumors spread over garden hedges, fishing ponds, and knitting circles. Neighborhood cats discover a boneyard.

    And when Death strolls through the tranquil countryside or checks into the quaint village inn for the weekend, it’s the intrepid – and often accidental – investigators who must find and decipher clues, unravel mysteries, and bring the killer to justice.

    Includes stories by John M. Floyd, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Annie Reed, Lauryn Christopher, C.C. Guthrie, Joseph S. Walker, Margaret S. Hamilton, Ben Harshman, C.J. Mattison, Clifford Royal Johns, D.T. Langdale, Kelly Zimmer, Merrilee Robson, N.K. Wardley, and Ursula Hoult. Edited by Lyn Worthen

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  • Mid-Century Murder

    Mid-Century Murder

    Includes my short story, “4BR/3.5BA Contemporary.”

    Featuring stories by: Michael Bracken & Sandra Murphy, Kaye George, John M. Floyd, Margaret S. Hamilton, Diane Arrelle, William J. O’Connor III & Arthur Vidro, Camille Minichino, Albert Tucher, Karen Keeley, Herschel Cozine, M.M. Elmendorf, Michael Allen Mallory, Michele Bazan Reed, Kenneth Gwin, DG Critchley, Adam Beau McFarlane, Lisa Lieberman, Mel Goldberg

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  • Cooked to Death Vol. 4: Cold Cut Files

    Cooked to Death Vol. 4: Cold Cut Files

    Includes my short story, “Double Crust Corpse.”

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  • Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

    Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

    Includes my short story, “Baby Killer.”

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  • Destination: Mystery

    Destination: Mystery

    Includes my short story “The Bride Wore Gold: A New Orleans Mystery”

    This anthology could just have easily have been titled “Murder Takes a Vacation”, for within it we present sixteen tales of mystery, murder, and crime set in popular vacation destinations. We hope these stories will conjure memories of a familiar locale for some of our readers, and perhaps for others, a desire to visit—whether in spite of, or because of, this anthology, we shall leave to them.

    Featured in this book are:

    Jake Bates, Wenda Morrone, Rosmary McCracken, JoAnne Lucas, Vinnie Hansen, Charlene D’Avanzo, Su Kopil, Dennis Palumbo, Caroline Taylor, Brenda Seabrooke, John Hegenberger, Margaret S. Hamilton, Michael Terlecki, Warren Bull, Bern Sy Moss, Herschel Cozine

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